The Digestion Process from the Beginning to the End

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Digestion is the process where larger food particles are broken down into smaller particles that can easily be absorbed by blood plasma. Digested food particles after the absorption of nutrients help produce energy, growth, and repair cells. The paper will emphasize the process of digestion from the ingestion of food particles in the mouth and the egestion of a tool through the anus.

Food particles ingested through the mouth, the teeth cut and crush the food will be mixed with the saliva to make it soft and easier to swallow (Liu, et al., 2021). Salivary amylase begins the breakdown of carbohydrates to maltose. In the mouth, the parotid gland secrets water, the submandibular gland secrets serous and mucous, and the sublingual glands secrete saliva. The food particles go down to the esophagus in the form of boluses. Muscle contraction that moves the food bolus along the esophagus in the process of peristalsis.

The food goes unto the stomach, and muscles contract churning food to facilitate digestion. Pepsin enzyme that serves to digest proteins found in the ingested food. Gastric juice combines pepsin, lipase, and hydrochloric acid, which inactivates swallowed microorganisms, inhibiting infectious agents from reaching the intestines (Li et al., 2019). The food goes to the small intestines from the stomach through an opening called a pyloric sphincter. Facilitation of chemical digestion and ensuring the acidity of chyme coming from the stomach is reduced and neutralized by the hormones, fluids, and enzymes.

Small intestines produce a digestive juice that combines with pancreatic juice and bile juice to complete digestion. The food goes to the colon, where absorption of water and mineral takes place. The rectum temporarily stores the undigested and indigestible food particles. Anus hence does the egestion of undigested and indigestible food particles from the body.


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