Home Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor: How to Use

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Nowadays, many people suffer from hypertension and the inabilities to control the changes of their blood pressure. People have headaches and do not know the reasons for such pain. One of the possible options to check your blood pressure is to buy an automatic blood pressure monitor and use it at home. However, not all adults know a lot about this product and fail to succeed in monitoring personal blood pressure. With age, more people want to have a good blood pressure monitor at hand, and they have to know how to use it properly.

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Omron M2 Basic: Description

Omron M2 Basic

Omron M2 is an upper arm blood pressure monitor that can be used to measure a person’s blood pressure in a simple and quick way.

Omron M2 Basic

Besides, it can measure a pulse rate. There are several units that should be introduced to a beginner.

  • A – Display where all necessary information about person’s blood pressure can be found;
  • B – Start button (to begin and end working with the monitor);
  • C – Memory button (to memorize the results got);
  • D – Adapter jack (the monitor can operate on batteries or mains);
  • E – Battery compartment (to change batteries);
  • F – Air jack;
  • G – Arm cuff (with shoulder circumference in 22-32 cm);
  • H – Air tube (cannot be broken);
  • I – Air plug;
  • J – High blood pressure indicator;
  • K – Low blood pressure indicator;
  • L – Memory symbol (visible only if there are stored results in the monitor);
  • M – Irregular heartbeat indicator;
  • N – Low charge indicator;
  • O – Heartbeat symbol;
  • P – Pulse indicator;
  • Q – Deflation indicator.

P.S. Four ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries are necessary for the monitor.

As soon as the box with the monitor is opened, it is possible to start using it. The following list of actions should be considered.

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Omron M2 Basic: Instructions

  1. Open the box with Omron M2 Basic;
  2. Return the monitor and slide the battery cover to install or replace the batteries (with positive and negative polarities of the batteries and the battery compartment matching);
  3. Make sure the battery cover is properly locked after the previous operation;
  4. Find a quiet place with a chair or couch to choose a seated position;
  5. Do not talk during the process of measurement;
  6. Insert the air plug in the air jack;
  7. Place the cuff on a bare right hand;
  8. Place the hand on a table or pillow so that the cuff being at the same level as a heart;
  9. Press the Start button;
  10. Wait and do not move for a half of a minute;
  11. The measurement is complete when the arm cuff deflates;
  12. Observe the results on the monitor;
  13. As soon as the results have been observed, it is necessary to turn off the monitor, take it off the hand, and place it in the box.


Some older people are not satisfied with the results offered after using the electronic monitors. Still, the way of how the monitor works is approved by medical specialists. There are no difficult steps that should be taken, and only one button to be pushed. As a rule, a new battery set is enough to complete 300 measurements. That is why it is convenient to transfer the monitor any place a person may need. The chosen monitor is a like a mirror that can be placed in a purse (handbag) and used as soon as there is a necessity to check personal condition.